Men's Sexual Vitality

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Men's Sexual Vitality
Increase penis size, cure erectile dysfunction, and feel younger with our safe, cutting edge treatments
P Shot Benefits
- Diminishes and often eliminates erectile dysfunction
- Non-invasive, safe, and all-natural
- Increases sexual stamina and enhances pleasure
- Strengthens ejaculations
- Creates a stronger and straighter appearance
- May increase length and girth
Renew Chip Benefits
- A safe, painless 10-minute treatment for 
men and women
- All natural testosterone therapy derived from yams
- Restores body hormonal balance
- Encourages weight loss (reduction of fatty tissue)
- Increases energy and improves sleep
- Improves libido and sex life
- Improves erectile dysfunction for men
Men's Sexual Vitality
Men's Sexual Vitality

Did you know that 50% of men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction? And that 97% of men are unhappy with their penis size? Luckily, renowned physician Mahalingam Satchi, MD, has spent over 30 years in the field of sexual health, and has solutions for these problems and more. At Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center, serving the communities of Richfield, Redding, Wilton, Norwalk, and Fairfield County, Connecticut, Dr. M. Satchi and his team are on the forefront of men’s sexual vitality treatments. Whether enhancing sexual pleasure, increasing penis size, or confronting sexual dysfunction, the team can help. Call the Danbury, Connecticut, office today or schedule online for an in-person or telehealth appointment. Dr. M. Satchi always guarantees discretion and complete confidentiality.

Men's Sexual Vitality Q & A

What does Men's Sexual Vitality mean?

Men's Sexual Vitality refers to men’s sexual health and sexual performance. This includes libido, stamina, erectile function, and penis size. The treatments also improve weight loss, building muscle, and relieving urinary incontinence and prostate pain. 

At Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center, Dr. M. Satchi offers the latest and most effective treatments for Men's Sexual Vitality and men travel from across the country to seek his skill and expertise. 


What are some of the Men's Sexual Vitality services?

 Dr. M. Satchi offers three treatments for Men’s Sexual Vitality— Renew Chip or Natural Testosterone pellets, Penis Enlargement, and P-Shot.

Services include:


As you age, testosterone levels naturally deplete causing weight gain, erectile dysfunction, and low energy. At Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center, Dr. M. Satchi is one of the exclusive providers for Renew Chip, a pain free, 10-minute, natural testosterone treatment for men and women. The testosterone pellets are completely natural—derived from a vegetable, and provide relief from low libido, fatigue, brain fog, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, poor sleep, and other low testosterone related symptoms.  


Nonsurgical Penis Enlargement

Size doesn’t matter, or does it? Studies show that 97% of men are self-conscious about the size of their genitalia, and there’s very little they can do about it—until now. Dr. M. Satchi at Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center has a pain-free, FDA Approved solution to enlarge penis size in just 60 minutes, in the office, using fillers. Fillers are a safe substance that naturally occur in the body, and have been used for decades in aesthetics in the face and buttocks. Penis enlargement with fillers is FDA approved. The treatment is painless with no downtime, and immediate visible results. Dr. M. Satchi guarantees discretion and privacy for men seeking penis enlargement treatment.



Dr. M. Satchi offers the P-shot to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and enhance many aspects of sexual health. The P-shot improves erectile dysfunction, increases stamina, strengthens ejaculations, and creates a stronger and straighter appearance. It also improves urinary incontinence and relieves prostate discomfort.

The P-Shot is a 20 minute, safe and painless injection of your own blood after a quick blood draw from the arm. The blood is centrifuged into PRP (platelet-rich plasma) which has healing properties which is then injected into the penis. Patients who experience the P-Shot enjoy stronger erections, improved circulation, enhanced sexual performance, and increased sensation and often a complete reversal of erectile dysfunction.


The team at Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center offers male sexual vitality treatments with complete privacy and discretion. Call the practice today or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool for your complimentary consultation with Dr. M. Satchi.