Women's Sexual Vitality

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Women's Sexual Vitality
Whether you are experiencing sexual challenges, or dealing with menopausal symptoms, we offer 2 non-surgical treatments that are nothing short of miraculous! 
Restore Your Body’s Natural Testosterone and Enjoy a Better Sense of Wellbeing!
The Benefits
- A safe, painless 10-minute treatment for men and women
- All natural testosterone therapy derived from yams
- Restores body hormonal balance
- Encourages weight loss (reduction of fatty tissue)
- Increases energy and improves sleep
- Improves libido and sex life
- Reduces menopausal symptoms
- Increases bone density for women
- Improves erectile dysfunction for men
- Offers alternative therapy for menopause
"It’s unbelievable how something so small made such a big difference. I began to feel so energized within just a day, and it only got better from there. My sleep improved, I lost weight, and my sex life is now better than ever!"

- Toni, Brookfield, CT*
Revitalize Your Sex Drive, Your Marriage with a Non-Surgical Treatment That Delivers Life-Changing Results!
The Benefits
- Safe, painless, and all-natural
- Develops better, stronger orgasms
- Increases libido
- Alleviates pain during intercourse
- Improves vaginal lubrication
- Relieves urinary incontinence
"I got my life back and am finally experiencing an amazing sex life since getting the X-Shot®. Dr. Satchi is incredibly professional and was very knowledgeable when it came to this sensitive subject. It was an even better surprise to find out that he is a Board Certified OB/GYN with over 30 years’ experience. I felt really comfortable. Thanks to him I feel young again."

- Margaret, Wilton, CT
Women's Sexual Vitality
Women's Sexual Vitality

Women's Sexual Vitality is an important part of their overall wellness. Mahalingam Satchi, MD, is a women’s sexual health expert at Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center, serving the communities of Richfield, Redding, Wilton, Norwalk, and Fairfield County, Connecticut. Dr. M. Satchi and the team at the medspa specialize in women's Sexual Vitality, offering therapies that enhance and improve women’s sexual health. Call the Danbury, Connecticut office today or schedule an appointment online to learn more. 

Women's Sexual Vitality Q & A

Why is Women's Sexual Vitality important?

Women's Sexual Vitality is crucial because it affects overall health and well-being, including physical, emotional, and social wellness. 

Your sexual vitality refers to your sexual desire and energy. Every woman’s sexual vitality is unique, personal, and influenced by age, life circumstances, and personal preferences. 

Dr. M. Satchi is an experienced OB/GYN specializing in women’s sexual health. At Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center, he provides women with a safe space to discuss their sexual health and provides treatments to address their individual concerns.


I have a low sex drive. What Women's Sexual Vitality treatments can help?

A low sex drive is a common sexual health concern for women. Your lack of interest may occur from changes in vaginal health following pregnancy and childbirth or hormonal changes related to menopause. 

Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center offers treatments that not only help your sex drive but also alleviate vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, and urinary incontinence. 


Women's Sexual Vitality treatments include:


The O-shot is a 20-minute, safe, painless, and effective treatment that aims to alleviate sexual dissatisfaction and urinary incontinence. The treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a blood product that contains a high concentration of your own platelets.

Dr. M. Satchi injects the PRP into the clitoral area, accelerating the body’s healing process to improve lubrication, boost arousal, and enhance stimulation. 


Renew Chip

Renew Chip is a natural testosterone pellet the team at Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center uses to help with menopause symptoms. 

Dr. M. Satchi places the pellet under the skin in the hip or buttocks. For women, testosterone hormone replacement boosts libido, energy, and mood. It may also help with weight control. 


What can I expect from Women's Sexual Vitality treatments?

Before making any treatment recommendations, Dr. M. Satchi talks with you to fully understand your concerns and goals. The information he gathers helps him determine what sexual vitality treatments can best help you and explain how they work and what you can expect.

Results from the X-Shot and Renew Chip usually appear within a few weeks. Dr. M. Satchi schedules regular follow-up visits to monitor your sexual health and adjust your plan when appropriate.

Call Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center today, or schedule your Women's Sexual Vitality consultation online.