Laser Hair Removal

Put Down Your Razor and Say Hello to the Laser!

Permanent, Pain-Free Total Body Hair Reduction in Just 90 Minutes!

Most people have unwanted hair somewhere on their bodies, but traditional hair removal treatments make it time-consuming, tedious, and painful to deal with. Luckily, at Candlewood Aesthetics, pain-free, permanent hair reduction for the entire body is now available and takes just 90 minutes to achieve!

Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to undesirable hair everywhere and get excited about the soft, touchable, swimsuit ready skin that you’ve always dreamed of! Our state-of-the-art equipment uses a superior cooling technology to make laser hair removal more comfortable than ever before. In fact, clients often say that the treatment feels more like a relaxing massage than a laser treatment! Best of all, our innovative technology works for all hair types and skin colors, including sun-tanned or darker skin tones.

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Laser Hair Removal

The Benefits

  • Permanent, pain-free, and fast
  • The most advanced machine available on the market
  • Proprietary cooling technology to ensure comfort
  • Total body hair reduction in six to eight 90 minute sessions
  • Amazing results for all skin tones and hair types

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How is this machine different from other hair removal systems?

At Candlewood Aesthetics, our laser hair removal machine utilizes award-winning technology to deliver the most effective and fastest laser hair removal available.

Is it really painless?

Yes. This is the only clinically-proven laser hair removal method that offers this type of pain-free treatment. The unique energy and heating delivery effectively damages the hair follicle while ensuring that there is no disturbance to the surrounding tissue. A simultaneous, integrated technology cools the surface of the skin, preventing the sensation of pain and superficial burns.

What areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal?

Patients can either enjoy full body hair removal or treatment of specific areas including the legs, underarms, face, upper lip and chin, neck, bikini area, arms, chest, shoulders, stomach, and back.

How many treatment sessions are necessary?

Most people need between 6-8 treatments depending on the patient’s hair type.

How long is each session?

Thanks to our advanced technology, treatment time can range from just a few seconds for small areas such as above the upper lip to 15 minutes for the entire back. A full-body treatment takes just 90 minutes.

Does it work on sun-tanned skin?

Yes. This system affects  the melanin of the skin through a unique method which allows the procedure to be effective on sun-tanned skin.

Is laser hair removal safe for dark skin?

Yes. Our laser system has been clinically proven to be the safest method available for dark skin tones. Rather than exposing hair follicles to individual high-energy pulses which can cause trauma to skin with high melanin counts, the laser gradually heats the skin until the required heat has been delivered to the hair follicle. As a result, the laser delivers the safest laser hair removal option for clients with darker skin tones.

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