A Botox Love Story: Luan & Asime, 30s

Husband and Wife of 15 Years Share Beauty Transformations and Recapture The Youthful Glow They Had When They First Met

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Luan Zhaku is a 37-year-old active stone mason who spends workdays outside exposing his skin to the harshest weather elements.

Luan’s wife, Asime, is a vibrant 32-year old beauty expert and med spa coordinator whose seen first-hand the personal reward and positive impact that astonishing beauty transformations can offer.

Luan wanted to regain his youthful appearance lost to the aging effects of the brutal sun and bitter cold and felt skeptical about attending a family reunion in his home county of Macedonia. It had been 20 years since he’d seen family members and it was his dream to participate in the reunion feeling confident, looking youthful and feeling at his best.

Asime, always supportive of her husband’s dreams, wanted to ease Luan’s nervousness about the procedure. She decided to share this beauty transformation together with her husband and thought this would be the perfect time to get the plump, luscious lips she’s always wanted.

She was in tears as she told him how other doctors had turned her away, but Dr. Satchi was confident that he could help. He was moved by her struggles, and his compassion propelled him to select her as a winner of the Candlewood Aesthetics makeover contest.

He believes that every person should have the opportunity to look and feel their very best to enhance their health and well-being.

Dr. Satchi, who’s also known as ‘Connecticut’s best-kept beauty secret,’ knew just what Geraldine needed in a mind and body transformation to change her life, improve her appearance, boost her self-confidence and renew her pride.

Truly Astonishing Results

See Luan’s and Asime’s beautiful transformations

Luan and Asime decided Dr. Satchi was the right person to give them their husband and wife makeover.

Dr. Satchi knew just what Luan and Asime needed and molded this husband and wife’s dreams into a reality and made them look like they did 17 years ago when they first met.

Luan’s Handsome Transformation

Dr. Satchi used his cosmetic artistry and injected Luan with Botox around his crow’s feet and his forehead until the wrinkles slowly started to disappear.

Then Dr. Satchi molded a syringe of Voluma into Luan’s smile lines to provide lift and smoothness.

Dr. Satchi’s transformation for Luan was breathtaking.

Luan recaptured his youthful glow.


Luan’s crow’s feet from years of working in the harsh sun vanished.

His fine lines and wrinkles disappeared.

Luan immediately looked years younger and gained a renewed sense of confidence.


Upon seeing Luan’s transformation, Asime beamed at her husband and gushed:

“You look ten years younger. You look just like you did when I first met you.”

Luan was ecstatic with the results and now has the confidence he needs to see his family after all these years.

Asime's Transformation

Dr. Satchi injected Asime with Volbella to give her the plump lips she’s always wanted to emphasize Cupid’s Bow and create defined lips. He completed her transformation with Vollure to provide Asime with that beautiful, luscious, perky pout.

Defined Full Lips: Dr. Satchi gave Asime the full, plump lips she’s always wanted to emphasize Cupid’s Bow.

Dr. Satchi completed Asime’s transformation and provided her with a beautiful, luscious, perky pout.
Asime glowed when she saw the astonishing results.

And that’s the end of this beautiful Botox love story. Luan and Asime look and feel amazing inside and out and live happily ever after!

Dr. Satchi and his team excel at helping make their client’s dreams come true.

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