Lisa, 50s

Lisa is a dedicated nurse at Candlewood Center for Women’s Health having worked alongside Dr. Satchi for over 20 years as his OBGYN nurse.

Candlewood Aesthetics Total Beauty Makeover Beauty Transformation Unveil #4

After spending decades of her life caring for other women, it was time for Lisa to enjoy a little self-care! Lisa longed for a youthful glow and to feel better inside out.

Dr. Satchi had the magic to make it happen. Her stunning transformation made her feel so energized and confident that it inspired her to quit smoking and take better care of her overall health.


See Lisa’s beautiful transformation

Using Juvaderm products Dr. Satchi began creating his masterpiece. Lisa’s artistic makeover took over 50 units of Botox to remove all fine lines, wrinkles around her eyes, and the pesky elevens between her eyes.

Dr. Satchi then focused on filling and lifting to create a fuller more youthful appearance with Voluma to lift the cheeks, and fill the deep wrinkles in the face.

He also used Volbella to remove the deep lines around her lips and add a subtle plumpness.

The results are astonishing and her fellow nurses were amazed with the results! Dr. Satchi created another beautiful transformation and Lisa just glowed with renewed confidence and youthful energy!

Lisa and Dr.Satchi have an unbreakable bond. In her video testimonial exclaimed:

“I love that man!”

Candlewood Aesthetics excels at making their clients feel happy.

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