Joanne, 60s

Visual Artist and Entrepreneur Enlists Dr. Satchi’s Cosmetic Artistry for Beauty Transformation to Look Rejuvenated and Feel Younger

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Joanne Hunter is a 61-year-old visual artist, arts activist, entrepreneur, and owner of an art studio in Ridgefield, CT where hundreds of children and adults go to let their creativity shine.

Joanne is deeply entrenched in community volunteerism and has an energetic, do-it-all-the-way personality that keeps her in the public eye both through her art and as a member of many regional boards.

One day in April 2017, Joanne made herself the focus of cell phone “art” when she took a selfie.“Aaahhh! After being traumatized by how I appeared, I laughed quite hard,” she says.

As an artist, Joanne appreciates the aesthetic field and says her appearance plays a significant role in her life. “I’m always dressed ready to go from a presentation to a luncheon to a day in my art studio. So, it’s important I always put my best foot forward because when I feel good, I’m confident, respected and accomplished,” she says.

Joanne sees the value that Dr. Satchi brings to a woman’s life, so after seeing her selfie, she decided it was time to turn back the clock and regain her youthful appearance and to feel rejuvenated. She knew that Dr. Satchi with his gift for cosmetic artistry was the right person to do it.


See Joanne’s beautiful transformation

Joanne’s Age-defying Transformation

Dr. Satchi knew just what Joanne needed.

To give her an incredibly soft, natural appearance throughout her entire face he injected Vollure to fill any hollows she had and added Voluma to lift and create beautiful cheekbones.

He also injected Joanne with Juvederm Ultra to conceal the smile lines around her mouth and added Volbella to increase definition to her lips and give her a youthful, beautiful pout.

Dr. Satchi completed Joanne’s transformation with Botox on her forehead, crow’s feet and elevens for spectacular results.

Joanne has a softer, age-defying appearance and felt and looked ten years younger.

Dr. Satchi gave Joanne an incredibly soft, natural appearance throughout her entire face and then lifted and created beautiful cheekbones.

Dr. Satchi used Botox to soften wrinkles and fine lines on Joanne’s forehead and elevens for spectacular results.

Botox helped soften Joanne’s crow’s feet.

Dr. Satchi used Juvederm Ultra to conceal the smile lines around Joanne’s mouth.

Joanne immediately felt and looked ten years younger.

“Everything looks very natural, just better. I have no pain or discomfort, and I’m thrilled. Everybody has asked if I’ve been on vacation or if I’ve been away. I look like myself, but fresher and just more vibrant. Dr. Satchi is extraordinarily talented. Being an artist, I greatly appreciate his talent and artistry.”

  • Softer, Age-Defying appearance
  • Defined Radiant Cheekbones
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles Softened
  • Rejuvenated Look

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