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Salon Owner and Cancer Survivor’s Beauty Transformation Helps Turn Back the Clock to Look and Feel Younger and Rebuild Self-Confidence

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Geraldine Vaughn is a 79-year-old positive, upbeat salon owner from Bethel, CT. She’s also a cancer survivor.

Her illness took its toll on her physically, but never weakened her spirit. She sought help from several plastic surgeons and each time was told there was nothing that could be done to help improve her physical appearance.

That was until she met Dr. Satchi.
Dr. Satchi was Geraldine’s saving grace.

She was in tears as she told him how other doctors had turned her away, but Dr. Satchi was confident that he could help. He was moved by her struggles, and his compassion propelled him to select her as a winner of the Candlewood Aesthetics makeover contest.

He believes that every person should have the opportunity to look and feel their very best to enhance their health and well-being.

Dr. Satchi, who’s also known as ‘Connecticut’s best-kept beauty secret,’ knew just what Geraldine needed in a mind and body transformation to change her life, improve her appearance, boost her self-confidence and renew her pride.


See Geraldine's Beautiful Transformation

Dr. Satchi injected Botox to eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles around Geraldine’s eyes, forehead, crow’s feet, elevens and bunny lines.

Botox eliminated fine lines and wrinkles around Geraldine’s eyes, forehead, crow’s feet, elevens and bunny lines.

Geraldine’s smoothed wrinkles and fine lines give her a younger appearance.

Dr. Satchi also used Volbella XC to enhance and define Geraldine’s lips, Juvéderm Ultra XC to rebuild her facial structure and fill in deep-set lines around her mouth and Vollure to fill, enhance and smooth hollow areas around Geraldine’s face.

Volbella XC enhanced and defined Geraldine’s lips.

Juvéderm Ultra XC rebuilt Geraldine’s facial structure and filled in deep-set lines around her mouth.

He completed Geraldine’s beauty transformation with Voluma to lift her cheeks and create more prominent cheekbones.

Voluma lifted Geraldine’s cheeks and created more prominent cheekbones.

Dr. Satchi’s beauty transformation for Geraldine was magical.

  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Smoothed wrinkles and fine lines
  • Younger appearance
  • Positive well-being

Geraldine now has a positive glow, and she looks and feels ten years younger. More importantly, she says her beauty transformation was a rewarding and comforting procedure. “Dr. Satchi is a gift,” she says.

Geraldine says she can now proceed with her profession as a salon owner in a much more energetic way.

“It was a rewarding and comforting procedure. Dr. Satchi is a gift”. 

Dr. Satchi and his team are proof that nothing is impossible. Candlewood Aesthetics excels at making their clients feel happy.

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