Ana & Priscilla

Mother and Daughter Share the Gift of Love and Bonding in Beauty Makeovers

Candlewood Aesthetics Total Beauty Makeover Beauty Transformation Unveil #5

Ana Edmonds and her daughter Priscilla Basseto embody the phrase, “The love between a mother and her daughter is forever.”

This Brazilian mother-daughter duo has the unique distinction of sharing in each other’s transformation as part of Candlewood Aesthetics’ Total Beauty Makeovers.

The results brought tears of joy to the pair and gave renewed meaning to the beauty makeovers.

Priscilla, Ana’s daughter, is every mother’s dream come true, with a heart of gold. When she heard about Candlewood’s Beauty Makeover Contest, she secretly submitted both their names into the contest.

Priscilla wanted to surprise her mother with the gift of the makeover because she knew it would matter so much to her mother to look and feel young, refreshed and confident. Her mother had previously gone to another doctor and was unsatisfied with the results, but Priscilla knew Dr. Satchi had the magic to make her happy.

Ana was overwhelmed when she arrived at the center and heard the news that she was part of Candlewood’s Beauty Makeover, immediately bursting into tears.

Dr. Satchi feels tremendous reward being able to give others a gift that means so much to this mother and daughter. He was elated to help make Ana and her daughter Priscilla’s dreams come true and share a lasting memory they will cherish forever.

Dr. Satchi, who’s also known as ‘Connecticut’s best-kept beauty secret,’ knew just what Ana needed for a mind and beauty transformation to change her life, improve her appearance, boost her self-confidence, and renew her pride.


See Ana and Priscilla’s beautiful transformation

Mother’s Makeover: Ana’s Incredible Subtle, Natural Beauty Transformation

Dr. Satchi wanted Ana’s beauty transformation to be subtle and natural looking.

He molded a syringe of Vollure to fill the hollows in her face to give Ana a softer, natural appearance and added a syringe of Voluma to provide lift, reduce smile lines and contour her cheekbones with smooth, natural-looking results.

Dr. Satchi used his cosmetic artistry to complete Ana’s transformation and injected her with Botox on her crow’s feet and forehead until the wrinkles, and fine lines slowly disappeared for spectacular results.





After looking in the mirror, Ana was overjoyed. She looked and felt ten years younger.

Daughter’s Makeover: Priscilla’s Amazing Youthful Beauty Transformation

Dr. Satchi knew just what Priscilla needed for a natural-looking, youthful appearance.

He injected Botox to eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles around Priscilla’s eyes, forehead, and crow’s feet.

Dr. Satchi completed Priscilla’s beauty transformation with Vollure to fill, enhance and smooth hollow areas around her face and Volbella to enhance and define her lips and fill in deep-set lines around her mouth.


Priscilla thought the results were incredible, and the team at Candlewood Aesthetics were so happy to see Priscilla and her mother deepen their bond get the beauty transformation they deserved.

Afterward, Priscilla beamed with joy and said, “I did this for my mom.”

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