The Man Behind the Surgical Mask - Getting to Know Dr. Satchi

The Man Behind the Surgical Mask - Getting to Know Dr. Satchi

September 26th, 2018

Many people know Dr. Satchi as a cosmetic artist and master injector who helps them look and feel like their younger, healthier selves. Others know him as the kind and caring obstetrician who leads them through the process of giving birth with both calmness and compassion. But what many don’t know is the difficult journey that Dr. Satchi has overcome to be one of Connecticut’s most sought-after doctors.

In celebration of Dr. Satchi Day on October 8th, here is a behind-the-scenes look at what led Dr. Satchi to dedicate his life to women’s wellness.

After surviving a childhood shadowed by political unrest and civil war, Dr. Satchi became an OB/GYN to bring life into the world after coming close to losing his own. As a refugee from Sri Lanka, Dr. Satchi has come face to face with the ravages of war more times than any person should have to. Those experiences have been the driving force in his dedication to give people the gifts of family, happiness, and confidence that he is so proud to deliver every day.

For the past 30 years, Dr. Satchi has brought thousands of local babies into the world and has cared for many more women in their times of greatest need. Dr. Satchi has served on medical and non-profit boards as a dedicated member of the Danbury community and in 2004, he expanded his medical practice to include Candlewood Aesthetics, which helps women and men regain their confidence through non-invasive cosmetic and sexual vitality procedures. Dr. Satchi recently rewarded deserving women in the community with full makeovers, including some amazing cancer survivors who are now celebrating a new outlook on life. The City of Danbury even declared October 8th "Dr. Satchi Day" for his service and generosity to the community.

Dr. Satchi’s dedication extends not only to his community but to the people who work the closest to him. According to a member of his nursing staff, Courtney Goldbach, Dr. Satchi’s devotion to his craft inspires his team on a daily basis.

“Dr. Satchi is the most genuine and compassionate doctor I have ever worked with. He has a passion for aesthetics because he wants everyone to feel the very best about themselves both on the inside and out. He truly cares about how each client feels and he will do whatever it takes to help them achieve the look that they desire. Dr. Satchi’s dedication to personalizing each client’s experience inspires me. I have seen him come in on his days off just to accommodate someone who needs to see him. Everyone that walks out of Candlewood Aesthetics has such a strong respect and admiration for Dr. Satchi and he reciprocates that feeling to every single person that he encounters in the practice.”

As Candlewood Aesthetics begins its expansion into a full women's wellness facility to provide health and wellness educational programs and services to residents, Dr. Satchi says that he feels blessed to be in the position to help others and he looks forward to bringing the best in both innovation and holistic care to women and men of the Danbury area community.

“What we do at Candlewood Aesthetics is truly an art form,” says Dr. Satchi. “We consider it a privilege to work with patients to help them achieve their vision of both beauty and health at the most crucial stages of their lives. We are infinitely grateful for our clients who trust us to give them the results that they’ve always dreamed of. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people confident, happy, and ready to live their best lives.”

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