Beauty Makeover

Aferdita, 30s

Bridal hairstylist’s beauty transformation helps her look 10 years younger and invigorates her life with an extra boost of confidence to shine.

Aferdita Ferati is a 39-year-old expert freelance bridal hairstylist with clients in CT, NY, and NJ who spends her days beautifying clients and yearns for that extra boost of confidence to shine.

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Geraldine, 70s

Salon owner and cancer survivor’s beauty transformation helps turn back the clock to look and feel younger and rebuild self-confidence.

Geraldine Vaughn is a 79-year-old positive, upbeat salon owner from Bethel, CT. She’s also a cancer survivor. Her illness took its toll on her physically, but never weakened her spirit. She sought help from several plastic surgeons and each time was told there was nothing that could be done to help improve her physical appearance.

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Joanne Hunter, 60s

Visual artist and entrepreneur enlists Dr. Satchi’s cosmetic artistry for beauty transformation to look rejuvenated and feel younger.

Joanne Hunter is a 61-year-old visual artist, arts activist, entrepreneur, and owner of an art studio in Ridgefield, CT where hundreds of children and adults go to let their creativity shine. As an artist, Joanne appreciates the aesthetic field and says her appearance plays a significant role in her life.

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Ana & Priscila, Mother & Daughter

Mother and Daughter share the gift of love and bonding in beauty makeovers.

Ana Edmonds and her daughter Priscilla Basseto embody the phrase, “The love between a mother and her daughter is forever.” This Brazilian mother-daughter duo has the unique distinction of sharing in each other’s transformation as part of Candlewood Aesthetics’ Total Beauty Makeovers.

The results brought tears of joy to the pair and gave renewed meaning to the beauty makeovers.

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Lisa, 50s

Lisa is a dedicated nurse at Candlewood Center for Women’s Health having worked alongside Dr. Satchi for over 20 years as his OBGYN nurse.

After spending decades of her life caring for other women, it was time for Lisa to enjoy a little self-care! Lisa longed for a youthful glow and to feel better inside out.
Dr. Satchi had the magic to make it happen. Her stunning transformation made her feel so energized and confident that it inspired her to quit smoking and take better care of her overall health. Lisa and Dr. Satchi have an unbreakable bond.

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