Total Beauty Makeover Blog Series Showcases Dramatic Beauty Transformations – Inside and Out

Dr. Satchi’s Aesthetic Artistry and Perfectionism  Produces Stunning Results for Eight Total Beauty Makeovers

What do a bridal hairstylist, a cancer survivor, husband and wife, art studio owner, mother, and daughter and OBGYN nurse have in common? Each had their life transformed as part of Candlewood Aesthetics & Laser Center’s Total Beauty Makeover.

See beautiful transformations inside and out unveiled each week in Candlewood’s new six-part ‘Total Beauty Makeover’ beauty blog series available at as part of Candlewood’s ‘Beauty Transformation’ blog.

The ‘Total Beauty Makeover’ beauty blog series features men and women from different age groups and occupations with unique stories selected from Candlewood’s social media accounts from the Danbury, Connecticut area.

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“We feel our most beautiful when we connect with others. Beauty makes us feel happy because it implies an overall healthy well-being about ourselves.”
Dr. Satchi and his team at Candlewood Aesthetics

The Total Beauty Makeover was sponsored by Allergan and took place over a 10-month period and performed by Candlewood’s founder, director, and board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. (Note: It took nine months to choose contestants and work with Allergan and do the transformation. The actual makeover took one month – two days per person.)

Beautiful Transformations

“There is a great distinction between looking beautiful and feeling beautiful,” says Dr. M. Satchi, FACOG, MRCOG, owner of Candlewood Aesthetics & Laser Center, and one of Connecticut’s magazine ‘Top Docs,’ renowned women’s health surgeon, and ‘Connecticut’s Best Kept Beauty Secret.’ “Being beautiful is more than skin deep. We feel our most beautiful when we connect with others, look good, and accomplish something meaningful. Beauty makes us feel happy because it implies an overall healthy well-being about ourselves.”

Dr. Satchi says he’s pleased with the beauty transformations in the Total Beauty Makeover.

“It’s quite rewarding to help a patient achieve a beauty transformation inside and out. The mind, body, and spirit all need to be content to live a happy life. Each patient has a unique narrative about how this beauty makeover would impact their lives, and the influence the final results had on their lives were outstanding,” he says. “They are happy, and this is the most important part for me.”

Click here to see Candlewood’s Total Beauty Transformation #1 and learn how Dr. Satchi gave an expert bridal hairstylist from Naugatuck, Connecticut an extra boost of confidence to shine, with before and after photos.

The Total Beauty Makeover blog series will run through November 28.

Check back each week to see a new makeover unveil.

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