Top Treatments to Get Ready for Parties and Portraits

With the holiday season upon us, there will be plenty of parties and gatherings to attend. Amid the stress of what gifts to buy and what food to bring, looking your best doesn’t have to be a detail that is forgotten. Perhaps you spent the summer under the sun working on your tan and now your skin is left looking and feeling a bit parched. That golden glow was nice while it lasted, but it may have left behind brown spots, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles.


With the holidays and the New Year approaching, prep your skin for holiday gatherings with skin-pampering treatments at Candlewood Aesthetics. Our Photo Facial Treatment will leave your skin looking more even-toned and beautiful. The treatment will erase sun damage and boost your skin with a natural and healthy looking glow just in time for holiday parties. This treatment has added perks, such as promoting collagen production in the skin for a naturally plump and youthful look. Depending on the amount of sun damage you have, more treatments may be necessary to completely diminish uneven skin tone and pigmentation.


The effects of time, pollution, and sun damage can leave unattractive wrinkles on your face. Perhaps you’re left with a permanent scowl or your friends frequently asking you if you’re feeling tired. Botox and fillers can work wonders on your face to provide a more uplifted, plump appearance. Botox can be used to subtly diminish fine lines and wrinkles, while fillers can provide fullness to the cheeks and other areas of the face to bring back a more youthful look. These treatments will leave you looking well rested and ready to ring in the holidays and the New Year. Fillers have the added benefit of virtually no downtime, meaning that you will be ready for those holiday parties in no time at all.


Every holiday party wouldn’t be complete without the perfect dress to wear to that party. And with any amazing dress, your lip color needs to sparkle. Perhaps it’s time to think about giving your lips a bit of a boost to enhance the lip color you’re wearing. Lip augmentation is offered at Candlewood Aesthetics. The simple process is an in-office treatment that takes very little time and the effects can last from ten months to a year. In just 20 minutes, you can leave our office with the perfect pout and be on your way to celebrate the holidays.

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