Choosing Your Laser Lipo Doctor

Wondering what is the average price in Connecticut for SmartLipo?

People typically spend around $4000 on the first procedure, but prices vary based on the body area being treated. Areas treated include: abdomen, inner and outer thighs, hips, neck, upper arms and bra line. After the first procedure, subsequent procedures in other areas are often discounted. At Candlewood Aesthetics, we offer 10% off your first laser lipo procedure.

We know that choosing where to have your laser lipo procedure done is an important decision and many factors should be considered.

Keep in mind when calling different doctors offices that there are different laser liposuction machines on the market. Some of the offices may offer very discounted prices but for machines that are not as effective because the laser this is used is inferior, producing unsatisfactory results.

At Candlewood Aesthetics, we use the only the best laser liposuction machine on the market, SmartLipo MPX which gives superior results.

Also, when considering where to do your laser lipo procedure find out if the office will offer you a cost free consultation with the cosmetic surgeon to determine whether your dream body is achievable. Can they provide you examples of past client testimonials and before and after pictures to help make a knowledgeable choice with no stress? Are you able to return home to make the decision without being pressured to make an in office decision on the spot.

At Candlewood Aesthetics, we consider all these factors. Your consultation with our board certified cosmetic physician Dr. Satchi is always complimentary. Dr. Satchi always makes sure that your desired results are achievable and that you are making a decision that you are comfortable and confident with. He is also able to provide testimonials from previous clientele and well as before and after pictures of his work. He always answers any and all questions you might have about your lipo procedure.

Finally, in choosing the best center for your procedure, you should take note of the available financial lending options. You should inquire about funding options, even if you are preparing to pay for the procedure in one payment. More reliable doctors present alternative funding options, such as monthly obligations. At Candlewood Aesthetics, we offer interest fee financing as well as excellent customer care to help you achieve the body of your dreams.

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