Bridal Hairstylist’s Beauty Transformation Helps Her Look 10 Years Younger and Invigorates Her Life with Extra Boost of Confidence to Shine

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Aferdita Ferati is a 39-year-old expert freelance bridal hairstylist with clients in CT, NY, and NJ who spends her days beautifying clients and yearns for that extra boost of confidence to shine.

Aferdita is a well-known figure in the beauty industry, and being so focused on the needs of her clients, she admittedly forgot to take care of herself. Being in the public eye, she knew she needed to look more youthful and feel refreshed to be more confident about herself.

Dr. Satchi knew precisely what Aferdita needed to achieve her mind and beauty transformation.

See Aferdita’s beautiful transformation:


He injected Botox to eliminate the fine lines around Aferdita’s forehead, crow’s feet, and elevens. As no two providers inject the same, with Dr. Satchi’s precise, cosmetic artistry it was a magical but natural transformation!





Dr. Satchi also filled in Aferdita’s deep smile line around her mouth with Juvéderm Ultra XC and completed her look with Volbella XC on her lips, giving Aferdita’s more defined, smoother, and plumper lips.

Aferdita looks radiant, ten years younger, feels refreshed, regained her self-assurance, and projects a happy, natural glow about herself that is infectious to those around her.

She thought the results were incredible, and the team at Candlewood Aesthetics were so happy to see her get the beauty transformation she deserved.

Aferdita is pleased with her more youthful appearance and her newfound self-confidence.

“I’m so happy with everything. It was painless, and you guys are just great. I loved my experience. Now everyone tells me how refreshed and awake I look. I love it.”

Candlewood Aesthetics excels at making their clients feel happy.

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